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My Review - 1 May 2006

overall: 10

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There's always room for improvement, and Oblivion shows it. The game starts out being oddly familiar (you're in a prison cell in the Imperial City). Some dark-elf starts mouthing off to you, but what he says depends on your race. The guards come with the Emperor, trying to smuggle him out of the city and out of the Mythic Dawn's reach (the Mythic Dawn is a crazed monster-worshipping cult). They go through a secret passage, where you get a tutorial on how to use spells, whack stuff, stab stuff, pick locks, etc. Sadly, the Emperor dies, but before doing so gives you a mystical amulet, The Amulet of Kings. This amulet is the only protection for mortals from the evil Daedra (who are somewhat like monsters of hell) from Oblivion (and Oblivion resembles Hell greatly...), kill the Emperor's assassin, and then make your way to a special man (a.k.a. Jauffre) who helps you start the main quest, to go to any of the major towns, join a guild, and start their line of quest. The guild choices are the same as in the last Morrowind. My advice would be to start the main line of quests, because the higher your level grows, the harder the Daedra grow. This game is easier than Morrowind, and here you have arrows pointing you in the right direction, so you don't spend hours just wandering. There's also the map travel, which lets you travel to anywhere you've been or a town without the hours of walking. Oblivion has got to be one of the greatest RPGs [role-playing games] ever, and I recommend it to everyone.

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