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SSX - 14 June 2012

overall: 7 fun: 9graphics: 10plot: 7

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Back in 2002 one of my favorite games was SSX: Tricky. After Several moves and years the game was lost and never found again. Here ten years and 5 games later, SSX has re-surfaced for me, complete with ridiculous and silly moves and adrenaline pumping action. I rented this game 2 days ago and am very close to beating the main campaign on easy. Unfortunately I had to return this great game today and have only to reflect on the past days joyful events. The minute I put this game into my trusty Xbox 360, I knew I was going to have a great experience. Instantly I was greeted with breathtaking sharp and colorful environmental graphics, hitched with poppy and vibrant character and gear graphics. I was impressed with a razor sharp quick control scheme and a seriously addicting game play experience. There is a good plot to this impressive game, as far as sports games go, narrated with quirky sounding voices and colorful comics and videos. This game caught my inner story lover by the coattails from the very start. All characters are color full and interesting, and have their own interesting back story. The Characters are developed rather well in the thirty to sixty second comic book scenes they have and are joyfully creative. The blood pumping moves and jumps are paralleled only by that of the free roam like track design. How many times you play a particular track you never seem to end up taking the same route twice, while twisting and turning down icy mountain peaks facing danger and racing away from death itself. In retrospective this game is a great pick up and play game, with a tremendous amount of replay value that I recommend for any casual or hard core gamer that likes instant fun and a good challenge.

ckyhunkameat - 6/22/2012 (reply)

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