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NBA 2K11

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  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Release Date: October 5, 2010
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
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Micheal Jordan Returns - 27 January 2011

overall: 9 fun: 9graphics: 10plot: 10

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deraj45 (gaming profile | personal site)

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"He took flight... rose above all.... He changed the game....And became a legend" - 2K11 What can you accomplish?

NBA 2K11 is one of the best sports game around. It highlights some of the most spectacular parts of Micheal Jordan's career as a NBA basketball player. Before you start the game and go to the menu, the game gets you hyped up and ready to play. It says how he became a legend and then you start a game with him and his team against the Lakers. That really did it! The graphics are great. The players look real. The Soundtracks is great with songs like Gametime and Champion and so on. There are plenty of way to have fun. You can do My-Player where you can work your way to the top to be the best in the league or you can fly high and live the legends journey and become number one! Micheal Jordan.

For those who enjoy sports in general will find this great game thrilling. There is just fun for everyone. The Online on the Xbox 360 is wonderful. You can join league and compete to win.

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