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My Review - 14 January 2006

overall: 10

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The first World War II-based game has arrived for the Xbox 360, and has definitely left its mark! This game is a great first-person shooter where you get to play as a soldier for the Soviet, British, and American armies, respectively. It really seems to display war from the average person's point of view: you don't get a high rank, you just follow orders.

The graphics/sound effects are amazing, but the lip-synching is pretty bad, although you almost never look at the computers' mouths (there are more important things to do when you're being shot at).

I have beaten the game, and it's fairly challenging and very time-consuming. There is a wide variety of difficulties, which don't really stop you from beating the game, but make the amount of time it takes a lot longer.

Here's my one complaint: when I first got this game, it was defective to the point that my game would lock up every time it tried to load one level in the beginning of the American campaign. However, I was able to return the game and then the problem stopped. Microsoft: next time you try to make a new game, get it right the first time so that there's no need for a second.

Actually, there is one more feature: the multiplayer modes.

For split-screen action, the only fun way to play is to have at least three players, usually four. This is because the multiplayer maps are fairly large and confusing, and in less-populated games you'll find yourself doing more searching than destroying.

The Xbox Live play is...fun, when it works. Every game seems to experience a great deal of lag and players are always quitting before the game is over. There are also weird things like server time-outs (whatever that means) and the entire game will just end. I mean, I have had to stop playing for a while because 'the server is full.' If you have patience, you'll have a good time on Xbox Live, but otherwise, avoid it like the plague.

In conclusion, this game is definitely worth your money, but only if you have enough time to enjoy it fully.

farmcoolgames - 10/5/2009 (reply)
this game was the best

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