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Battlefield 3 - 13 June 2012

overall: 10 fun: 10graphics: 10plot: 10

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As the first Battlefield game I played it was well worth my money, and very enjoyable to play. I pre-ordered the limited edition of this game and received it the day it came out. I was blown away by the incredible graphics phisics, and realistic environment damage. The hit de3tection is outrageously better than its competitors in the "Call of duty" franchise, and is one of the things that made this game very enjoyable. All weapons are extremely customizable and the challenges and achievement are challenging and enjoyable to work for. The maps are huge and leave a lot of space to explore by foot, land vehicle and aircraft. The controls are very fluent and easy to pick up and play. By far the best part of this game is the awesome multiplayer. With awesome teamwork implemented and increasing levels of skill as you level up, this game never ceases to be challenging and entertaining. If you are looking for a shooter game, this game is definitely worth your money.

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