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This Game is Better Than The Spider-Man 3 Game - 1 January 2009

overall: 10 fun: 6graphics: 5plot: 10

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No wonder this game has a great plot. Mr. Brian Michael Bendis, original writer from the ongoing comic book series of Ultimate Spider-Man originally came up with the story for this game. Fans, he doesn't disappoint. Along with original comic book artist from series, Mark Bagley who does the concept art. The graphics may not be good, but his artwork will make you completely forget about it, as the story itself progress through the emotions and character development.

The Venom character, as to say, was the way he should've been ever since his debute from Amazing Spider-Man #300 in the late 80s. He was visious, and unlike what people say about him, he wasn't mindless, he was absolutely brilliant in his own nature. Though at first I didn't like the fact that he didn't start out with the big white spider on his chest until the end, but boy, did he look good with it afterwards. The fact that you can play as both the heroic Spider-Man and the rampaging Venom. It's pretty amazing, if you ask me.

And I like the fact that Peter and Eddie were best friends since their childhood and haven't seen eachother since their parents airplane crash. When they became older (like Spidey is in his teens and still in high school, and Eddie Brock Jr. is in college now) they came together to hang out, like "old times". Eddie shows him the Venom antidote, that was created by their dads to cure cancer, was never finished and they decided to finish it for them. Peter decides to analyze it, and finish it himself without Eddie's help and knowing about it. What he didn't know that it is alive, and it attached itself with Parker. But things terribly went wrong, when the suit wants to take over him. Now when Eddie finds out, and what Peter did, he felt betrayed and took the Venom suit and let it consume him. He became the monster within the suit: Venom. And now Venom feeds on human life energy to survive. At the end, he becomes one with the suit (i.e. Where the big white spider on his chest appears).

The true villain in all of this is Bolivar Trask, the person who took the contract from Richard Parker and Eddie Brock Sr. and their project away from them for evil matters. He is truly the evil one in this story, not Venom.

I also like the villains that are added into this game, such like the first introduction of Ultimate Beetle and Ultimate Silver Sable. They looked great, especially Silver Sable (you fans know what I mean :D). Overall, a great game for all fans, and maybe even gamers in general too. It's cool that Bendis is making the plot of this game wove into the Ultimate Spider-Man current storyline in the comics. Similar plot, but most of all Venom is back.

P.S. The voice of the characters were great and perfect for their roles. I like to add that the Shocker fight could've been longer, but wasn't. Disappointing, but still fun to play over and over again.

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