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MGS4 - 15 August 2009

overall: 10

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codyX (gaming profile | personal site)

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of Patriot was the best game i every played on my PS3. It had every thing violence, blood, crude humor and sexual themes. I rate this game a 10. It was perfect, the storyline, the graphics, and all the fun parts in the game. More people should have this game cause i have most of the Metal Gear Solid games.This game is awesome.MGS4 rules!! Buy the game and you will like it!!

Julianb450 - 12/17/2010 (reply)
slaid12345 - 9/22/2010 (reply)
Ironicly, Hideo HATED this game. He wanted MGS 3 to be the last and got death threats. He was actually threatend. Killing someone if they dont make a game? psychos...
devin - 8/27/2010 (reply)
i wish i had one
slaid12345 - 11/15/2009 (reply)
cant wait till i get a ps3...(mabie in a year or so -_-)

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