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Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion

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  • Publisher: MAX Gaming; Garage Games
  • Release Date: November 11, 2005
  • ESRB Rating: Unrated
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A close up view of the Shaddrack MAV. A close up view of the Liberator MAV. A close up view of the Abolisher MAV.

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Awesomeness - 15 October 2008

overall: 10 fun: 10graphics: 8plot: 8

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CraigS (gaming profile | personal site)

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I found a demo of this game on a disk that was included with a 3d game programming book published by Garage Games. I loved it. Later (a long time later), when I was playing it again, I found out they released it for free on their website: <www.darkhorizons-lore.com>

"Love at first play" you could say. (Doesn't really rhyme, but what ever.)

There is single player, and online multiplayer. Multiplayer is the best once you get used to it. The computer BOTS are mostly really stupid and run in circles as you kill them, so for a newbie, they are good practice. But PvP is a lot more fun, and challenging.

The plot takes place around the year 2100. There are two teams, Federated States (currently the NATO alliance) and the Easteren Confederation (the old soviet union). The EC bombed all the country belonging to the NATO alliance, and NATO formed into the FS. And thus the game takes place.

The graphics of the MAV's and weapons are really great. Some other thing are more simple. But for a 6 year old game, everything is really well made.

Sorry if I wrote the review weirdly, I'm not a good writer, at all.

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Awesomeness - Amended 27 October 2008

overall: 10 fun: 10graphics: 9plot: 10

Lore Invasion is a super fun online multi-player (or single player) video game that some of the staff here at SnedekerDesignz is addicted to. Big Grin

It takes place around the year 2100. The world is divided into two; The Featured States (formal NATO) and the Eastern Confederation (The old Soviet Union). You can battle with four different kinds of MAVS and fight major battles.

Each MAV is equipped with a special weapon, the Scout sports a cloaking device that turns itself invisible for a limited time. It can also plant mines that can wound the enemy. This is the fastest MAV there is, but it is also the weakest. But it can get in and out of the enemy base un-seen and do it's job well.

The Infantry can call an a massive weapon from the sky called a Air Strike. While it takes a few seconds to activate (so you have to plan it carefully), anything trapped inside is instantly killed, and anything around it wounded.

The Assault MAV moves a low slower, but is not a target for faster MAVS. It features Flame Thrower device on the front that can kill and wound fast and effective.

Finally, the Armored (tanks) Class is the heaviest and the best. This tank has the most armor and most powerful weapons. While it's slow, any weaker MAVS should fear this massive pile of armor and guns. It also can plant turrets that can take the enemy off guard and even kill them.

The online multi-player is a blast! You can play against some of the best players, and you can die by some of the best players. You can host your own servers or join some of the servers that are there for you to play 24/7. With tons of different maps to play, and different game styles, it never gets boring.

There are different ways to play. Team Death Match (TDM) is just a basic "shoot the enemy and don't die yourself" kind of game. Rack up points that can appear on the official website(http://www.darkhorizons-lore.com) and you can see yourself moving up in the stats.

Capture the Core (CTC) is a game much similar to "Capture the Flag": Get the enemy core and bring it back to your base, ALIVE!

A Raid is like CTC, but only one way. One team gets the core and the other guards, and once the attacking team delivers the core to their base, the game is over.

Assault is pretty cool, and hard. There are three objectives, they can switch teams as each teams captures it. To win, a team must hold (own) all three objectives for 60 seconds.

For more information and a Free download (no, not a trial), visit:


Hope to see you in-game!

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