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Mario Kart 7 - 9 July 2012

overall: 8 fun: 9graphics: 8plot: 8

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Mario Kart 7  is one of the latest additions to the Mario Kart series (as of 2012). Unique to the series, the game offers an all-new glider that you can race with. The game also features the first person view that you can race in. While the gamer is in first person, the gamer can turn the Nintendo 3DS in order to direct the kart they're driving in. If you prefer not to drive by turning but still in first person, you can change the settings. Mario Kart 7 contains many different karts from previous games. Racers can even unlock gold karts.

The online multiplayer has three modes that you can work with. They are Worldwide, Friends/Opponents, and Communities. With World Wide, you can race other people from all over the world. In Friends/Opponents, you can join a friends game or join an opponent that you've raced previously. In communities, you can join a group of racers that is set in a community and you can even create your own!

*Unfortunately some people who try racing online cannot do so because they are met with a "communication error" every time they try racing. This is one of the problems the online multiplayer has. If you can race fine without the errors, then you are fine.

Overall Mario Kart 7 delivers a fun and exciting racing experience. This is a must-get game that will have you playing for many hours. Everyone should have this game added to their Nintendo 3DS game library. Drift, Drive, and glide your way to victory in Mario Kart 7!

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