The Biasphere - the collection of all ideas and opinions; a habitat for all biases
Evolution of The Biasphere The Biasphere is actually the product of a web site once known as Ultimate Reviews. Ultimate Reviews had a very long history of ups and downs, and its failures resulted in the plan to create this site.

Ultimate Reviews began late at night on February 18, 2005. The founding members, cousins Tusserte and Rellik7778 (who was originally referred to as Killer7778), were sitting in a basement sharing the computer looking at little flash cartoons and games on the internet. Rellik7778 asked Tusserte if he wanted to see Metalmainia7778, Rellik7778's site about metal bands. Tusserte was amazed by what he saw. The giant text and randomly placed pictures scattered on the page were not what impressed him, but he was surprised that creating a web site could be so easy. In fact, he had never even given much thought to how web sites were created in the first place. In no time, the two were back at Freewebs.com's signup page, wondering what they should make their new site about. Fortunately, nothing else came to mind, so Tusserte just decided to make the site about game reviews. As they sat there trying to figure out what the Freewebs username for their new site should be, it seemed that all the good names were gone. "reviews", "gamereviews", "game_reviews", all of them were taken! They decided to to try something less conservative and put in "ultimate_reviews". It worked. Within an hour, there was about a dozen little reviews for various favorites, and Margrock (Tusserte's sister) was pressured into joining.

The site laid untouched for several months after this, virtually forgotten. It wasn't until the summer when Tusserte remembered its existence and started to turn it into the site that it is today. During summer school as an incoming freshman at his local high school, Tusserte took a really easy course about typing. He became a very fast typist and tended to have a lot of time on his hands after completing the activities early. It was during this spare time that he rediscovered ultimate_reviews and began to add more and more reviews to it. When Tusserte and Rellik7778's other cousins, brothers SilkyBob and Irish-Monkey, found out about the site, they instantly wanted in, joining and posting several reviews each on June 9, 2005. Rellik7778's older brother, Zebrati, joined on June 24, 2005, by submitting a little comic that Tusserte thought was pretty funny. The Ultimate Reviews team was finally complete. The site slowly expanded, although it wasn't very active beyond the reviewers and their friends.

2006 came around, and the site was beginning to get recognition as a big review site on Freewebs. There were now over 100 reviews and a fairly consistent flow of traffic. Late 2006 was considered the peak of Ultimate Reviews's popularity. It was featured twice on the home page of its host, Freewebs.com. When Freewebs released its member lounge, Ultimate Reviews received a permanent link in the featured content area. The site was receiving several hundred hits per day, but had already begun its decline.

A good review site needs frequently updated content in order to be a valuable resource. As early as late 2006, members of Ultimate Reviews were beginning to get bored of writing reviews. Even with all the success surrounding Ultimate Reviews, writing reviews to post was becoming somewhat of a chore instead of a fun activity. Tusserte became the last one still interested in maintaining the site, and he was troubled by the lack of cooperation as well as the need to nag before any reviews were finished. As 2007 went by, fewer and fewer reviews came in, and Tusserte decided that something needed to be done to save Ultimate Reviews from obscurity.

In 2006, Tusserte had discovered the field of web design after playing around on Freewebs.com. He realized that what he was using was simply an editor that would write the HTML for users so that they didn't need to know any themselves. At the time, Freewebs' editor was still fairly small and much less powerful than it is today, and back then, learning HTML to program your own site was extremely beneficial considering the lacking features of the Freewebs WYSIWYG [What You See Is What You Get] editor. He began teaching himself HTML, and had a pretty good knowledge of XHTML and CSS by early 2007. He demonstrated his new ability by programming several layouts for the site. One was released in mid 2006, and was an HTML layout designed to give reviews their own pages. His second layout was designed for the whole site, bringing all the content into a single layout. For the record, this was the start of Tusserte's signature black and white templates. The black and white gradient design was released as Ultimate Reviews 3.0 on July 27, 2007, and was accompanied with a giant Freewebs Community Party to celebrate the Freewebs Ultimate Reviews account reaching the 1000 friend mark. As the hundreds of invited users passed by the site over the course of the day, Tusserte realized that he was still unhappy with his layout. It was uglier than he had hoped and had a bad load time for unknown reasons. TO BE CONTINUED